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OpenGroup API specification

OpenGroup API specification


Define the group which is avairable by using API.


This subsystem manage the following information.


2.1. Group

2.1.1. Group ID


<available protocol> ::= "http" | "https"

<group external ID> ::= <available protocol>://<domain>/group/local/<group local ID>

<group external alias or cache ID> ::= "group/alias/" <group global ID>

<group local ID> ::= "group/local/"<group local ID>

2.1.2. Group Descriptor

The attributes are as follow.

  • name: name
  • dispName: display name
  • title: title
  • summary: summary (text format)
  • format: format of description. (text|markdown|wiki|html|latex)
  • description: description
  • created: created date
  • modified: modified date
  • creator: creator
  • modifier: modifier
  • state: state. See 2.2.
  • visiblity: permission control policy
  • parent: parent group (Group ID)
  • children: Hash table of Group descriptor

2.2. Group State descriptor

2.3. Group Visiblity descriptor

2.4. Group Relation descriptor

2.4.1. Group Inheritance descriptor

2.4.2. Group Association descritor